A Little Bit Of Heaven

A Little Bit Of Heaven

Monday, December 9, 2013


 Hi! I am the Weaver of Tales. My life has been filled with Hubby, friends and school. I have never been an idle person even while watching TV.  When you retire you down size, too busy to have any more work then necessary. Now I am following my own advice completing some of my many projects and books. Every time I finish one it gives me a warm fuzzy. I always enjoy a wonderful smile and I believe laughter keeps me young at heart. Check out my published books “The Bluegrass Dream” (Kentucky Frontier) and “Natchez Above the River” (Civil War) by Ruth Thompson on Amazon

Little Snow Flake from the sky,
Falling gently on his side.

Painting our land with white snow,
How you shine with lights that glow.

Christmas trees with your soft cover,
Bringing joy to one another.

Homes look cheerful for this day,
Kids excited with snow play.

Papa shovels the walk clean,
Adding to the winter scene.

Children stocking’s have been hung,
Glories to Christ have been sung.

The smell of ham fills the rooms,                         
Christmas dinner will be soon.      
Colorful packages are wrapped.
Grandpa is taking his late nap.

What a lovely joyous day,
Christ, the gift is on the hay.

Gifts of love and peace are here,
Christ, beloved son, is near.
           Ruth Thompson 

Merry Christmas to one and all

Sunday, January 13, 2013


My parents taught me to respect our constitution. We abide by our country’s laws and respect our neighbors. This was the secret formula to get along in this world. We were given the first ten amendments to the constitution soon after it was written. I want to share my feelings about our right to bear firearms. There were no assault weapons and clips when this amendment was added. They had muskets and traps to use in their hunting and for protection. Today there are all kinds of hunting rifles. HUNTERS don’t use AK47’s for hunting. Hunting is a sport and there is nothing sporty about AK47’s. It behooves me why the NRA is trying to preserve the right to own and use these assault weapons and clips. Another twenty young children have been laid to rest. Their right to be safe in school was taken away. Their right to be in a school play was taken away. Their right to go to their first school sporting game was taken away. Their right to graduate from school and college was taken away. Their right to have their first job was taken away. Their right to marry and have a family was taken away. How many more are going to loose their rights to live. I do not want to do away with our right to bear arms. I want us to be responsible. I am sure our shotgun would stop an intruder to our home. We do not need assault weapons and clips. We need to keep our children and our public safe from harm.

Monday, January 30, 2012


PEACE Peace, can you tell me about it? Peace means calm, harmony, serenity, and tranquility. There are other words associated with peace such as silence, but it can be terrorizing. Another is quiet, an interloper must be very quiet before they intrude your home. Calm is a good description of peace. When I was a kid I loved to ride my bike up and down the street before a storm. The wind would catch my hair and swirl it around my head. The leaves of the maple trees would turn over to catch the rain that was sure to come. It was just my bike, the wind, and me. The wind pushed the dark cumulus clouds around the heavens. They would give the hot parched earth their drink. Harmony is the peaceful coexistence that we must keep or achieve. Man must live in harmony with the wonderful environment that has been given to us. A home demands harmony or it will be a hell on earth. Nations seek their place in the world but when there is no harmony there is danger. Serenity is a golf course where you are playing against the course. There maybe some talking among the players and sudden bursts of joy when a ball falls into the cup. Play keeps moving and the birds watch from their flight and perches. You are away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Tranquility, have you ever watched a baby slumber in its crib and enjoyed its tranquility? Were there times that you wanted to touch the little one to be sure he was still breathing? Your heart swells knowing that this is your child that you and your husband created from your love. Another word comes to mind that I have not mentioned and that is stillness. How many times during the day do you seek stillness so that you can unwind from your busy life? This stillness can sooth the soul and heal the mind. Some people may find this on a train going home studying the landscape along the way or in your favorite chair at home by the window. Peace is something that all people are seeking. Some wait until they are on their deathbeds. They have not been able to ask someone for forgiveness for a transgression they had commented and want forgiveness before they die. Peace comes second hand to those that are peaceful. Peace dwells within our inter souls. It is there for you to grasp. You and you alone must decide what it is that will give you peace. Some of the symbols for peace are doves and a hand signal where the index and little fingers are up. There is the circle with an up-side-down Y. This symbol is a D and a N joined together for Nuclear Disarmament. Another is a calumet which is a peace pipe. The olive branch, a rainbow, an olive wreath and mistletoe are all smybols we accept. The goddess Freya chose the mistletoe for peace. A broken rifle has been used in our history. Shalom is the Jewish word for peace. Last but not least there is the white poppy. You just need to look around to see these symbols anywhere you go. The dove, the olive branch, and the rainbow go back to the biblical times. The hand signal and the Nuclear Disarmament symbol are two of the latest ones. Think about it if our inter beings are so focused on peace why is there so much conflict in the world?

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Twas the day before Christmas and all through the town,
People were gathering looking all around.

Shoppers were completing their Christmas lists,
Hoping with hope no one would be missed.

Bell ringers freezing collecting for the poor,
Being spent on food and shelter for sure.

Carolers were singing the new carols they sing,
Voices were heard until bells began to ring.

The weather was poor for the town near the woods,
The strollers kept their heads covered in hoods.

Turkeys were hiding in the boughs of the trees,
Thankful the hunters did not shoot me.

Truckers bring joy with their Christmas trees,
All are sold in time to enjoy hot tea.

Mom’s in the kitchen making candy of all kinds,
Dad’s in the den reading the evening Times.

Gifts unwrapped scattered on the den floor,
Boxes, paper and color ribbons galore.

The Christmas tree balls are opened with delight,
Who wants to turn on the star’s bright light?

The tall fir tree waits for us to deck it out,
Gold and silver balls are hanging through out.

We wrapped each package and tied its big bow,
Then placed them under the tree so low.

Churchyards with animals and the manager scene,
Baby Jesus is the center of that scene.

Christmas songs had been selected with great care,
In hopes Christ’s birthday is almost there.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is my favorite season of the year. It promises new life in all of nature. I love to see the new spring flower pushing their way through the grassy turf and scattered leaves that fell late in the fall. The red buds and the dog wood buds appear along their branches to brighten the world with white and bright pink blossoms when they open to the world. The grass has shed its light tan color for a nice lust coat of green.

It is not just our plant environment there are also the animals with their new families for all those that want to see. It is always a thrill to see a faun and her spotted twins grazzing along a road cut. Have you ever counted the hawks sitting on utility lines while you are driving a long distance?

Golf is a sport that my husband and I love to play. We have seen so many interesting birds during our play. One Sunday afternoon we saw a hawk dive for a fish. It did not end with the catch. An eagle dived at the hawk and he dropped the poor fish for the eagle to take.

Another day I was playing and a friend said, “Look, look!” There was a Mama eagle soaring high above us teaching her two black juveniles to soar. Here in Florida if you look close around the lakes on the course you can see the Mama sandhill cranes on their nest with the Papa standing near.

High in the trees you can see these large birds of prey in all their glory. Recently I saw a large bird, two large for a hawk. I was a beautiful young eagle with white spots on his head and a couple of white tail feathers.

Today I learned something very special. I was playing golf and a friend said she had been seeing an owl and her two babies. When she first saw them the Mom was in the middle with one baby on each side. The next time she checked the Mom was tearing the nest up and the babies were sitting watching. I did not know that an owl destroyed her nest when she was ready for them to fly. Bald eagles just add to their nest each year. The third time she saw the owls they were sitting high in the tree one on each side of the Mom. Today the two still fuzzy light beige babies were sitting on a branch and the mother was perched on another branch not far away. I do not know what kind they were but these babies were the size of a small hawk.

Nature with all its beauties are a blessing and we are taking better care of these blessings. There is always great anticipation for me in what nature is going to reveal. I hope you will a wonderful experience with nature soon.

Weaver of Tales